Powered by Ricky Naidu, Lifesyle Wealth Planners (previously known as NRN INVESTMENTS) is thirty years old this year!

We've had the rare privilege of growing our business alongside the growth of our clients and our beautiful country. The road has not always been straight or wide - at times it has been narrow and uncertain. Our heart to keep going and improving the way in which we provide our clients with exceptional service has helped us survive and thrive over three decades of turbulence. Despite what our country has been through, our journey has been decorated by celebrations with our clients, awards from our industry and opportunities to change lives through our outreach efforts.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Certified Financial Planner qualification, Ricky has stood at the helm of our business and kept a keen eye on delivering sound financial planning within a framework that engages and connects with our clients. It's not only a numbers game, it's primarily a people-focussed industry and we recognise that our team and our clients have all played an instrumental role in our thirty-year journey.

Industry accolades from Discovery, Sanlam, Momentum and the MDRT help us know that from a financial planning perspective our services and procedures are offering our clients the best level that they deserve. As an independent Financial Advisory House, Lifestyle Wealth Planners enjoys working with people from all walks of life and from all over the country, it's important that every one of our clients receives the best advice and opportunities to grow and protect their wealth.

For those who need our help outside of financial services, we've committed to supporting our community by involving our team with social responsibility programmes that include Merewent Cheshire Homes, Feedy Needy, Food for Life (SA), Art for Living and the East Coast Radio Big Favour drive. These are all initiatives that have captivated our team and allowed us to share more than just good wishes, we know that we have made a difference and uncovered some of our purpose.

It's in learning where our passions and purpose lie that we can help our clients achieve the same.

Thank you for trusting us for thirty years!

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